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Glass Wall Panels

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Glass Products – Top Quality Shower, Toughened, Frosted, Painted & Designer Glass

Shower door glass

Glass Now’s wide range of shower doors and shower screens will fit any specifications, maximising space and improving the appearance of any bathroom.

Toughened glass

When safety, heat resistance, and strength are important to you, get Glass Now’s toughened glass. Replacing ordinary glass with toughened glass guarantee the glass that’s meant to protect you will not fail easily, ensuring better chances of safety in your home or office building.

Glass Now’s 24/7 mobile emergency glazing services guarantee that you can have that toughened glass any time you want it!

How toughened glass works?

Toughened glass is made from various thermal tempering processes, causing it to become more durable and up to four to five times stronger than standard glass.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass offers visual privacy in your domestic or work spaces. The frosted effect, achieved through acid etching or sandblasting, makes the glass translucent by scattering the light while retaining illumination. This kind of glass is excellent for improving privacy without compromising the amount of light that enters that space. Frosted glass is often used to aid privacy in bathrooms and office workspaces. This is also used decoratively by frosting patterns in clear glass, as in door, wall, or window glass. Glass Now offers a wide variety of design options for all your property needs, and makes sure that all glass installations are personalised to fit your unique requirements.

Painted glass

Is the glass at home too plain? Do you want to put your company logo on your glass window? If you want to dazzle your guests with awesome glass illuminations on your or upgrade your business premises with company advertisements, Glass Now can provide brilliant results and expert service!

Using the most modern digital imaging technology, your brilliantly done glass will give visual and commercial appeal to your premises without compromising illumination. Whether you’re thinking about adding some color to that lacklustre balustrade glass or installing glass splashbacks in your kitchen, painted glass is the best option for that pop of color.

Designer glass

If you want art in glass, then choose among Glass Now’s wide range of designer glass choices. You may have them installed on your walls, balustrades, windows, shelves, flooring—the possibilities are endless! Make your design ideas real with Glass Now!

Each project is unique and needs custom-made solutions to meet your requirements.

Glass wall panels

Installing glass panels in your home or office offer versatile options. Using painted glass would give it splashes of colour while using frosted glass gives both privacy and light into rooms. You also have the options of vertical or horizontal panels, with frames or free standing. Glass Now’s digital imaging technology ensures that you get the best glass products. Our professionals do the installing to make sure that everything fit right where they are supposed to.