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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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Coloured glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms

Add drama to your kitchen or bathroom with coloured glass splashbacks. They come in a wide spectrum of colours to suit your taste and are customised to your specifications. Colours do not fade or get scratched because the colour is applied on the back surface next to wall, not on the glass.

For a stylish, colourful kitchen, install a kitchen splashback. The glass reflects the light, adding luminescence to your kitchen without extra lighting. You also have a wide range of colours for that unique look that benefits your house and kitchen. The custom-made glass fits the wall perfectly. Glass, as opposed to tiles, has a smooth and seamless surface that is practically resistant to dirt and grime.

Kitchen splashbacks Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

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21st Century Kitchens

Tile cleaning in the kitchen is an extremely cumbersome chore that the average homeowner dreads, but GlassNow has a new and dramatic option of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks that are extremely easy to maintain and come in any color that you can imagine. Colored Glass requires no harsh chemicals for daily cleaning, which makes your kitchen infinitively safer and toxin-free for you and your family.

Design Selections Available

Kitchen Backsplashes made of coloured glass offer many additional design features that traditional tile cannot match. This material is a great reflector of sunlight. If you have a smaller kitchen with limited natural light, Kitchen Glass Splashbacks can actually enhance your space for better illumination of kitchen countertops, saving on electric bills as well. Colours can range from the vibrant reds, blues, pinks, greens and yellows, to a more traditional white or transparent option to match your existing kitchen cabinets. There are also a variety of frosted glass options, or choose a backlighting feature to really make an impact. And because of the inexpensive cost of cut glass, the design can easily be changed at any time.

The Pain of Cleaning Tile Splashbacks

Tile cleaning and scrubbing with brushes and harsh solvents will not only make the arms sore and the eyes water, but the process often damages the tile or stone surfaces permanently. Both Tile and Grout are very porous substances which attract and absorb messy dirt and debris, as well as the very cleaning agents themselves. This leads to the lasting appearance of fungus and other bacteria remaining behind, even after regular cleaning. Kitchen Glass Splashbacks takes care of those problems instantly. Glass is a non-porous material where no grout is required. This results in a constantly seamless, non-jointed, hygienic surface, providing extra safety for your family with a pristine appearance at all times. All you need for cleaning is a damp cloth or very mild soap.

Glass Provides Durability

We are not talking about the very thin type of glass found in doors and windows. This is a highly strengthened and thicker form of glass that is not at all fragile or delicate. Colored glass from GlassNow is extremely resistant to heat as well, so there is no need to worry about placing these Kitchen Glass Splashbacks above stoves or cook tops. We can easily have them cut to fit around heating vents and recessed lighting features as well. Colored Glass is tough and able to withstand everyday wear and tear while always looking impressive!