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Residential Glass Repair

1800 686 693

Residental Glass Replacement


We are 24 Hour glaziers that replace broken, cracked or smashed glass in all building windows, doors. shopfronts etc. We also replace and install new mirrors, tabletops, shower screens, kitchen splash backs and pet doors in fact any type of Glass used around the house.

Want to replace your BROKEN window or door at home? Have the kids broken a window or has the lawn mower thrown a stone and smashed a glass door? All you want to do is have it replaced NOW!

Call Glass Now for quick, all-day, every day service. Our mobile glazing teams are always ready to repair the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Accidents can never be foreseen nor prevented, that is why Glass Now’s fast mobile glaziers are always on 24Hour call out. Our shutter and board up services are among the fastest in Australia.

Glass Now’s repair and replacement services are available 24/7! Just call 1800-686-693 for emergencies.

One stop shop for all residential glass products and services including all types of bathroom windows, louvers and sliding doors. Residential glass repairs may include oven doors, glass shelves, glass tabletops and other glass used around the home.


On the 24th of December I was mowing my Daughters lawn only to discover when it was completed that I had broken the glass to the sliding door, well the time was 12.00 mid day and Christmas eave dinner was being held at this property at 6.00 pm. You can imagine my fear, I called numerous Glass replacement companies who could not guarantee it being repaired on the day, I called Glass Now and after a short conversation with the Lady on the phone was assured the window would be repaired by 3.00 pm at a cost close to half of that the one other company had quoted me, the on-site service man was courteous considerate and co-operative, Thank you Glass Now.

Points of Interest,

Office receptionist was articulate, experienced and gave me the quote over the phone.

You turned up on time.

Your service man was professional and when presented with some difficulties managed the job quickly and cleanly The quoted price was all I was charged.

The Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all, the only comment made was how clean the new Glass looked, Thank you Glass Now for making sure my Christmas Dinner was as it should be.

Allan Botham

Splashback Glass or Tiles in Kitchen?

How to avoid the dreaded 3D’s – Dull, Dirty and Dated kitchen tile splashback with a new Glass Splashback. Queensland kitchens are the heart of any home and having a clean and beautiful kitchen will reflect well on any owner.

We recommend Dulux colours as they have a broad range of colour options or you could ask us about a pattern or frosted glass style. A glass splashback will give your kitchen a dramatic face-lift. Coloured glass not only provides powerful visual appeal but a host of other advantages as well.

Tile and grout splashbacks are not the best option for a kitchen because both of these materials can become porous. Hard scrubbing or chemical use may over time remove the sealers which protect tile and grout. Tile and grout manufacture’s both recommend resealing every few years to stop them becoming porous.

Porous surfaces will attract mould, grime and grease obviously things you don’t want around your food or in your home.

Low Maintenance Glass is Environmentally Friendly

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are always shiny and clean. As they are more resistant to mould, stains and splatter over time. Glass is easy to clean and only requires a damp towel with a mild detergent to maintain its beauty and cleanliness. Glass splashbacks are designed as one large piece of glass which is then an easier surface to keep clean and beautiful.

If you have tile and grout backsplashes, you already know that to keep them clean you have to use plenty of elbow grease and a strong detergent to get rid of mould, grease and other splatters.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks then requires less elbow work and no harmful cleaning solutions.

Quality supply and fit installation service

GlassNow does provide free estimate’s anytime over the phone. If you like the estimated price, we then come to your site to finalise the size of the glass and can confirm a fixed price. At which time we take a deposit, and your glass gets ordered. Approximately seven days later the work is completed, and you are looking at your amazingly beautiful new kitchen.

We are a quality focused business, we offer a 12 months workmanship warranty on new installations.