FAQs about pet doors

Here are the most common questions asked about pet doors

Can the existing glass in my window or door be cut to make my pet door?

Yes and No.
The glass used in doors and windows are normally toughened safety glass and this glass cannot be cut.
Even if the glass can be cut, we don’t recommend it. Glass can crack easily when cutting it, but most importantly – we don’t want it to break when your pet tries to enter! So we replace all glass around your pet doors with a toughened safety glass.

How long does it take to install a pet door in a glass door or window?

Your pet door is installed around 1 week after we measure your glass panel.

Does Glass Now install into security screens or solid doors?

No, we don’t sorry. We only install into glass doors or windows.

Can you match different types of glass?

Absolutely! Our qualified technicians can normally match most tinted or patterned glass.

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