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Safety in our schools is a priority we can all agree on. All glass installed by Glass Now meets the latest Australian Safety Standards. This is just one of the reasons Glass Now are the School Glass Specialists and a trusted partner with many schools in all areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our trade qualified glaziers are accredited by the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) and can offer Glass Compliance Audits to assess schools for their safety glass requirements, helping to improve the overall safety and security of schools in South East Queensland. Our glaziers can provide individual plans to make sure your school not only meets the up to code standards to protect the school’s insurance liabilities but also provides the safest environment to protect our children as they learn and play.

Safety Glass Requirements In Schools

Safety glass requirements in schools necessitates specialised glass with features that make it safer, stronger and harder to break which limit its ability to shatter on impact. Safety glass qualities and security glazing for schools mean that in the unlikely event of breakage, it poses less risk of small, shattered pieces that could injure the students or teachers. To install safety glass in schools we provide various glass types that include toughened or tempered glass and laminated glass depending on the area. No matter where it is installed around the property, safety glass is an essential requirement for a safer and more secure school and office environment.

The Highest Quality Safety Glass Options

For all types of glass repairs and replacement, you can rely on Glass Now’s experienced glaziers to provide the essential services required to protect schools from external threats and the usual wear and tear damage that can be expected due to the rugged environment kids at play can create. Rather than restrict their full expression, we can preserve the integrity of their safety and protect students and staff by providing the highest quality safety glass options.

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